Weekly Update

    Term 2: Week 10

    Tuesday library Day - Remember to return your library books so you can change them for the holidays.

    Wednesday we're back to the hall for some more badminton. (check out the photos from last week)

    Thursday afternoon and we will be heading back out on the bike track. This week we're concentrating on our stopping and starting skills and road signs.

    Whole school assembly this Friday 2:15pm.

    All students will be bringing home school reports this Friday.

    Term 2: Week 9

    This week we are moving our measurement focus to exploring Time.
    We have activities planned that include time, addition and multiplication facts in problem solving situations.

    PE skills this week include, badminton Tuesday, bikes Wednesday and VLC sports rotation on Friday.

    Designing our Matariki stars.

    Term 2: Week 8 


    Year 4 parents who are interested in going to camp and received a form, must return this form by end of Monday.

    Learning Overview

    Image result for paper planesImage result for paper planesImage result for paper planesImage result for paper planesImage result for paper planes

    Paper Planes and Problem Solving
    • This week we are continuing to explore measurement and problem solving through the making and distance travelled of our paper planes.
    • Using our skills in writing to record step by step instructions for our paper planes
    Inquiry - Change
    • We are continuing to explore our personal inquiry questions both individually and in learning groups
    • Procedural Writing to support our personal and group inquiries
    • Working on completing our google slides to report information we have been reading ( check out our webpage links later in the week)
    • Summarising and note taking skills
    • Class Matariki reading
    The Arts
    • Matariki art focus begins this week
    Physical Education
    • Moving on from our skills on large balls over to small ball skills used for hockey.

    More photos on our Photo Gallery and Moments in Class pages .            

    Week 7 in B5

    This week we are taking our science wonderings a little further as well as introducing some new wonderings in maths.

    Science Inquiries
    • Planning our individual or group investigations
    • Predicting and experimenting with our new questions and ideas
    • Presenting our findings 
    Maths Explorations
    • Exploring measurement
    • Paper Planes

    Over the past week B5 have been sharing some of their wonderings about our Inquiry - check out their thoughts below. 

    Looking towards week 6 

    • Perfecting our instructional writing skills 
    • Completing our group conclusions from week 5 wonderings
    • Presenting independent reading follow up tasks to our group/class - google slides
    • Using our multiplication/division skills in group problem solving tasks

    Week 5:

    Special thank you to all the parents of B5 students who came along on Wednesday night to celebrate their children's learning. Great to see so many parents getting involved in maths games and science experiments.
    A few reminders for this week:
    • School photos Monday and Tuesday
    • Library books for Tuesday


    This Wednesday 31 May

    6.30 to 7.30pm in the school staffroom

    There will be a parent information evening presenting how we are
    progressing on our journey with e-Learning.

    The agenda for the evening will be:
    - What we have achieved so far! - Teacher tools. - Google Apps for Education. - Student tools for learning - sites / apps. - The SAMR model for integrating technology. - Good sites for learning at home.

    Week 4 in B5

    We've been busy in B5 this week preparing for the learning celebrations on Wednesday afternoon/evening as well as finding and sorting out our ideas about our inquiries with science. Have a look at some of the learning images below to see what we've been up to. If you haven't yet booked a time for your child's learning celebration please follow the instructions below.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. Bye for now,  Jan Grove

    How to book a time?
    Enter our school code: k23pp. 
    Child's name, B5, Jan Grove. 
    Enter these details and choose a time that suits you.
    You will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

    Jelly Science Experiments

    Collaborative science groups exploring changes in the preparation
    of jelly.

    Variables included:

    • Hot water set in the fridge
    • Hot water left to set on the windowsill
    • Cold water set in the fridge
    • Cold water left on the windowsill
    Check out the various groups findings at the learning celebrations on Wednesday!

    Student learning discussions 

    Exploring and sharing their predictions/thoughts about the possible reactions/outcomes of mixing  vinegar with baking soda.

    Finally time to follow the instructions, check out those predictions and record our findings.

    More great mathematicians practising their multiplication skills with arrays and number sentences.

    A special welcome back to Term 2.

    Week 1 

    We've started the term with has some exciting new learning experiences involving our new Inquiry about Science and Change. 

    Below are some photos of one of our learning experiences with our Vertical Learning Team.

    Our resident Scientist busy at work!
    Go to the photo Gallery for more photos!

    For more exciting footage from our resident scientist please click on the link below and checkout this very cool video kindly created by Baylee Aldridge, another of our team's teachers from B3.
    Scroll down the page until you reach their week 1 Inquiry entry.


    - FROM TERM 1

    Week 10 
    What's on this week?
     Tuesday - Library books and VLC Picnic and games
    Wednesday - Bikes
    Big focus in B5 over the next two weeks on ORCA

    Week 9 update

    This week we will be continuing our Community Inquiry.
    We will be integrating our writing skills by recording some of the events and activities in our community.


    After our amazing Gala on the weekend we will be writing and reporting about our experiences over the next week. We will be continuing our focus on learning about and using adjectives and similes and adding these into our writing over the next few weeks.  
    Over the next few weeks students are learning what to do to be a good reader. As part of this process they will also be working on reading with fluency and expression when reading aloud.

    Over the next few weeks we will be focus on Place Value,  Basic Facts and using these skills in everyday problem solving situations.Our statistical investigations on ice cream are coming to an end. Students are now finishing up their inquiries into ice cream recipes to make over the next week in class.

    Our plans for Week 7 in B5

    This week is all about having a Growth Mindset and GRIT!

    Please ask us what these mean and then look out for evidence of it at home and during out-of-school activities. It really is mind-blowing!

    Image result for growth mindset clipart
    We will be focussing on having a Growth Mindset particularly in Maths. We are continuing to develop our understanding and application of Place Value in order to use a wider range of strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are also beginning daily exercises to increase our instant recall of basic facts. Once these answers can just 'jump out of our head', more of our brain is available to work on problem solving.

    Passion Friday
    We had a fantastic time at many different activities last Friday and this continues this week.

    Term 1 Week 6

    Completing statistics investigations
    Introducing problem solving strategies for addition and subtraction.

    Remember to bring your Library books along on Tuesday.  

    This week we have booked some time on the bike track on Tuesday  and would love it if students could bring along their helmets and bikes .

    This week we're taking a closer look at Exploring Our Neighbourhood on our Chromebooks using Google docs and Maps

    Passion Fridays
    Students will be notified of their group, time and place. An email was sent out to parents so please check your email :) Parents this will need to be paid for before they start. Thank you


    PAT/Assessment: Students will be completing tasks that will help us decide their next steps in learning and which programmes are most suitable.

    Reading & Writing: This week we will be continuing using our Chromebooks while working on our creative poems and much more. We will also be working on the Big Book we began last week.

    Maths: Surveys and Investigations linked to our Ice Cream Inquiry

    Swimming/PE: Year 4 students have lessons at the Leisure Centre on Monday and swimming in the school pool on Friday.(Remember caps and goggles for Monday)  Year 3 students are swimming at school Monday and Friday.

    School Motto and Values: Time to explore how we can Own, Respect, Collaborate, Achieve. (ORCA)

    Drama/Dance: More fun planned for more learning of a school dance 'Logo te Pate'     
    Click this link to practise at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxJyMOpJrrY&feature=youtu.be

    Week 4 Update


    Over the past week, the students of B5 have been carefully bringing their mock Chromebooks to school each day. Special thanks for your support at home.
    Check out some of the ideas we've come up with to care for our Chromebooks.

    We have also had a look at cyber safety and how we can keep ourselves safe in our learning. As a class we have run through the Student Cyber Safety Agreement and unpacked each point to ensure that we know what it means and the steps we can take to ensure that we all have positive experiences on the web.

    We have been given a lockable storage cabinet to have in our classroom so that during breaks and when we are not in the classroom all devices can be safely locked away.

    To link with our big book, 'The Ice-cream Truck' and our poem, 'My Ice-cream Machine' we are working on a collaborative inquiry with B6  about ice-cream. We will be Reading, Writing and doing Maths as part of this Inquiry. This will be the first chance to use our Chrome books to research, find photos and present information.


    We will all be swimming every Monday and Friday this term. Year 3's will stay at school for both lessons. The Year 4's will go on the bus to the Leisure Centre every Monday and swim in the school pool on Fridays. Year 4's must bring togs, towel, hat and goggles for the Leisure Centre lessons.

    Please check that every piece of uniform is named as this is the only was that we can make sure that the correct uniform is worn home after swimming.

    We start our Library visits this Tuesday. Please make sure Library books are returned by the next Tuesday so that new books can be chosen.

    Mufti Day:
    We have another Mufti Day this Friday. Please bring bottled items to donate to the Raffle and for other Gala prizes.

    Term 1 Week 3

    Cyber Safety and Chromebooks
    This week we are learning about cyber safety and how best to look after our Chromebooks.

    This will involve:
    *Looking at, and gaining an understanding of, our school's cybersmart agreement
    *Learning to be carefully looking after a cardboard Chromebook. Students bringing their cardboard Chromebook home each night and returning it to school the next day.

    Reminders of things happening this week

    *Our team, Team Franks, swimming and water slide at lunchtime.
    *Library Day. Please remember book bags.

    *1st Gala Mufti Day - Donations of new items like toys, toiletries, stationery, pet items

    *Powhiri to welcome all new staff and whanau to the school at 10am.
    *Whole School Assembly at 2:20pm.Term 1 Overview

    Whaungatanga /Connectedness.
    • How our relationships, shared experiences and working together help provide us with a sense of belonging.


    WEEK 1 AND 2

    We have had an amazing week getting to know each other better.
    Just a few times below to pop in your diary.
    Monday and Friday swimming.
    Tuesday is our library day


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